"At Pitaya, the show is in the kitchen!"

"Pad Thai has a good day ahead of him."

"Direct embarkation of taste buds to Thailand!"

"Pitaya, the restaurant that makes investors crazy"

"The specialist of Thai cuisine finally arrives in Toulouse!"

"The new meeting place for wok and Thai food lovers"


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Buzzing with Thai urban atmosphere, the PITAYA® experience is unique with the flavors of its culinary offerings and the strong identity of its restaurant. A strong concept with proven success: the concept relies on simple values that perfectly meet the expectations of modern consumers. We boast quality resulting from traditional Thai cuisine, fresh, uncomplicated ingredients along with the modernity of efficient and rapid logistics, and a setting that immerses you completely in the urban atmosphere of Bangkok. The essence of traditional Thai cuisine can be found perfectly matched with a modern, attractive offer: a fast-food offer with generous meals that combine a need for well-being with affordable prices. 

The three key factors of its success

1# An efficient offer of stir-fried wok dishes prepared to order in front of customers that complies with new consumption trends. Both universal and customized, it is suitable for anyone’s taste.

2# An offer of high-quality fast food using healthy ingredients and only fresh products. PITAYA® combines health and nutrition at affordable prices.

3# As the only network of Thai street food in France, PITAYA® has moved away from traditional Thai dining standards and has exported the urban Asian atmosphere for total immersion.

PITAYA® also makes sure to offer quick service and an original selection of meals that perfectly meet the expectations of consumers, creating customer loyalty and an optimal rotation rate.


Jérémy Chicheportiche, franchisee in Levallois-Perret
“We were looking for solid, original concepts. PITAYA® was a perfect fit. The meals are beautiful and the brand is superb. Wok cooking is both traditional and modern. We created a new need in the neighborhood and we’re quite pleased with it. This came from wok cooking, yet the need already existed. People want to eat healthy and quick.
We knew we had struck gold. Today, we have our first restaurant, but our objective now is to open two or three. We think this will be possible in one year. Perspectives for evolution are infinite.”

PITAYA® was awarded the 2016 People’s Choice Franchise and is now stepping up its development, with some twenty openings planned for 2017.