50 Thai recipes by Nathalie Nguyen

Dare a culinary journey through the streets of Bangkok and discover the Thai cuisine of Pitaya! Learn what real Thai street food is and its specialities cooked in the wok: from the Loc Lac Beef to the famous Pad Thai shrimps, through the "Weeping Tiger", discover the 50 best recipes of Thai cuisine from Pitaya, by Nathalie Nguyen. 

The author

Nathalie learns to cook alongside her mother, who comes from a long line of merchants and street cooks. She tries the MasterChef adventure in 2011, where she ends up as a finalist at the age of 22.
After training at the CAP de Cuisine et de Pâtisserie, Nathalie specializes in street and world cuisine with a healthy and accessible cuisine.

In 2013, Nathalie opens "Le Camion Bol", the first Asian foodtruck to see the light of day in France.

In 2016, Nathalie joins "Pitaya". She now manages the entire culinary and artistic aspect of the brand. Every day she passes on her precious know-how to the restaurants, to make a Pitaya meal the most authentic experience possible.