Nathalie Nguyen

Nathalie Nguyen, executive chef for PITAYA®, coming from a long line of Asian street cooks, opened the first Asian food truck in France after her remarkable stint on the program MasterChef.
“When you’re passionate about cooking, you end up getting frustrated being stuck in a kitchen cooking food without seeing your customers enjoying it. I missed the notion of sharing that I loved so much. By reproducing street food in France like my grandparents did in Asia, I found it liberating. We cook within view of the customers, and every meal is unique and made for the person you have in front of you. And this is what cooking is all about: giving your best and sharing.” Nathalie Nguyen’s creations come from ancestral recipes with a modern and fresh spin. They are made to order for every customer.

Find out about her PITAYA signature recipe!

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